On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 08:32:35AM +0800, Anand Jain wrote:
> For the matter of completeness we need to check if the device
> being scanned has features that are known to the kernel. As of
> now if it doesn't - the mount will fails, then what is the point
> in having those devices added to the btrfs_fs_devices list at
> device_list_add().
> So block those devices at scan. Which means the original block at
> open_ctee() won't reach in case of device with unsupported feature.
> But I am leaving that code as it is, without deleting.

I think it makes some sense to skip registration of devices with unknown
features. On the other hand, we'd never be able to test-mount a multiple
device filesystem as the devices won't be in the list. The mount would
fail anyway, but I'd rather keep the decision in one place.

Also, device scan would return a new error condition, so the userspace
tools would need to be updated (not a problem) but older versions with
new kernel will become a bit confusing.

Registration of unsupported device should be silently skipped. Current
state will silently register it, but will never let it past mount, so
it's IMHO OK.
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