I would like to monitor my btrfs-filesystem for missing drives.

This is actually correct behavior, the filesystem reports that it should
have 6 devices, which is how it knows a device is missing.

 Missing - means missing at the time of mount. So how are you planning
to monitor a disk which is failed while in production ?

No, in `btrfs fi show` it means that it can't find the device.

 'btrfs fi show' is miss-leading as compared to 'btrfs fi show -m'
 -m tells btrfs-kernel perspective of the devices, as of now
 there is no code in the kernel which changes the device status
 while its mounted (expect for readonly, which is irrelevant in
 raid1 with 1 disk failed).

1. Filesystem flags.  These will change when the filesystem goes

  Which flag is in question here. ?
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