Looks fine, just couple of minor feedback.

> +run_check $SUDO_HELPER $TOP/mkfs.btrfs -f $loop1 $loop2

Please add quotation around variable in the script, as suggested in
tests/README.md 'Coding style, best practices' section. This section
is added recently, we are updating older scripts.

> +
> +# Cleanup loop devices.
> +run_check $SUDO_HELPER losetup -d $loop1
> +run_check $SUDO_HELPER losetup -d $loop2
> +rm -f dev1 dev2
> +
> +# Compare the file digests.
> +[ $orig_md5 == $new_md5 ] || _fail "File digests do not match"

"Cleanup loop devices" can be done after comparing file integrity?
This way, if integrity fails, the setup will be there to debug
further. thanks.

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