I have some questions about the *intended* qgroups semantics, and why
we allow certain operations:

1) Why can you create a level 0 qgroup for a non-existent subvolume?
It looks like it just gets reset when you create the subvol anyway?
Should we prevent this?

2) Why do we allow deleting a level 0 qgroup for a currently existing
subvolume? It seems to me that just setting the limit to 0, and/or
removing relations would work equally well? Perhaps a new ioctl to
clear the qgroup would make sense to do this.

3) Why don't we remove the associated level 0 qgroup when you remove
the subvol with that id?

4) I noticed in qgroup.c, one of the outstanding items is to determine
how to autocleanup. Are there any stated semantics around that, or

If the answer to any of these is "it just needs to be worked on" --
I'm currently poking around this code path for some enhancements we're
doing for our usecase. I'm just trying to figure out how much of what
I'm doing is generalizable.

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