On 2017-08-11 05:57, Piotr Pawłow wrote:
So 4.10 isn't /too/ far out of range yet, but I'd strongly consider
upgrading (or downgrading to 4.9 LTS) as soon as it's reasonably
convenient, before 4.13 in any case.  Unless you prefer to go the
distro support route, of course.

I used to stick to latest kernels back when btrfs wasn't as stable and
there were frequently important bug fixes. Nowadays I had no problems
since such a long time, that I forgot to change the kernel after
upgrading the distro. Besides, I thought RAID-1 was stable years ago
(except the degraded mount issue).
So, just my thoughts on this in particular. Either you are staying absolutely up to date (which I would still recommend if possible, there are new fixes going in regularly still, and we've been seing some performance improvements recently too), or you're not. If you're not, you should either: 1. Stick to upstream (kernel.org) LTS releases (and still ideally stay up to date within that release) and get reasonably reliable help from the ML. 2. Stick to your distribution's kernels, and get help from your distribution's usual support channels.

As far as raid1 mode, it generally is reasonably stable, but there are still edge cases we with bugs that haven't been found (as you found out here).

Anyway, after I took care of bad blocks by remapping them, scrub fixed
all corruptions without any problems. Fsck comes out clean and
everything seems fine.
Glad to hear everything is working now!

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