On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 1:19 AM, Qu Wenruo <quwen...@cn.fujitsu.com> wrote:
> No more.
> The dump is already good enough for me to dig for some time.
> We don't usually get such large extent tree dump from a real world use case.
> It would help us in several ways, from determine how fragmented a block
> group is to determine if a defrag will help.
> Thanks,
> Qu

Hello there,

have you found anything good since then?
With a default system, the behavior is pretty much still the same,
though I have not recreated the partitions since.

Defrag helps, but I think balance helps even more.
clear_cache may help too, but I'm not really sure as I've not tried it
on its own.
I was actually able to get a 4TB partition on a 5400rpm HDD to mount
in around 500ms, quite faster that even some Gb partitions I have on
SSDs! Alas I wrote some files to it and it's taking over a second
again, so no more magic there.

The workarounds do work, so it's still not a major issue, but they're
slow and sometimes I have to workaround the "no space left on device"
which then takes even more time.

Thank you!
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