On 2018年02月14日 22:19, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Just FYI, how dangerous running btrfs can be - we had a fatal,
> unrecoverable MySQL corruption when btrfs decided to do one of these "I
> have ~50 GB left, so let's do out of space (and corrupt some files at
> the same time, ha ha!)".

I'm recently looking into unexpected corruption problem of btrfs.

Would you please provide some extra info about how the corruption happened?

1) Is there any power reset?
   Btrfs should be bullet proof, but in fact it's not, so I'm here to
   get some clue.

2) Are MySQL files set with nodatacow?
   If so, data corruption is more or less expected, but should be
   handled by checkpoint of MySQL.

3) Is the filesystem metadata corrupted? (AKA, btrfs check report error)
   If so, that should be the problem I'm looking into.

4) Metadata/data ratio?
   "btrfs fi usage" could have quite good result about it.
   And "btrfs fi df" also helps.


> Running btrfs RAID-1 with kernel 4.14.
> Tomasz Chmielewski
> https://lxadm.com
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