On 2018/03/02 14:22, Qu Wenruo wrote:
> Btrfs shows max_inline option into kernel message, but for
> max_inline=4096, btrfs won't really inline 4096 bytes inline data if
> it's not compressed.

I have a question.

man mount(8) says: 
          Specify  the  maximum  amount  of space, in bytes, that can be
          inlined in a metadata B-tree leaf.  The value is specified  in
          bytes,  optionally with a K, M, or G suffix, case insensitive.
          In practice, this value is limited by the  root  sector  size,
          with  some  space  unavailable  due to leaf headers.  For a 4k
          sectorsize, max inline data is ~3900 bytes.

So, is the size of 4k-(size of leaf header) actually the maximum value
of max_inline instead of 4095 for 4k sectorsize?


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