On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 05:09:13PM -0700, Liu Bo wrote:
> Fstests generic/475 provides a way to fail metadata reads while
> checking if checksum exists for the inode inside run_delalloc_nocow(),
> and csum_exist_in_range() interprets error (-EIO) as inode having
> checksum and makes its caller enters the cow path.
> In case of free space inode, this ends up with a warning in
> cow_file_range().
> The same problem applies for btrfs_cross_ref_exist() since it may also
> read metadata in between.
> With this, run_delalloc_nocow() bails out when errors occur at the two
> places.
> cc: <sta...@vger.kernel.org> v2.6.28+
> Fixes: 17d217fe970d ("Btrfs: fix nodatasum handling in balancing code")
> Signed-off-by: Liu Bo <bo.li....@oracle.com>

For the record, this has been added to next some time ago and testing
was ok.
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