> Put differently, 4.7 is missing a year and a half worth of bugfixes that you 
> won't have when you run it to try to check or recover that btrfs that won't 
> mount! Do you *really* want to risk your data on bugs that were after all 
> discovered and fixed over a year ago? 

It is also missing newly introduced bugs. Right now I'm dealing with btrfs 
raid1 server that had the fs getting stuck and kernel oopses due to a 


I had to cherry-pick commit 3be8828fc507cdafe7040a3dcf361a2bcd8e305b and 
recompile the kernel to even start moving the data off the failing drive, as 
the fix is not in stable yet, and encountering any i/o error would break the 
kernel. And now it seems the fs is corrupted, maybe due to all the crashes 

FYI in case you decide to switch to 4.15
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