On 04/04/2018 02:34 AM, David Sterba wrote:
The device replace is paused by unmount or read only remount, and
resumed on next mount or write remount.

The exclusive status should be checked properly as it's a global
invariant and we must not allow 2 operations run. In this case, the
balance can be also paused and resumed under same conditions. It's
always checked first so dev-replace could see the EXCL_OP already taken,
BUT, the ioctl would never let start both at the same time.

Replace the WARN_ON with message and return 0, indicating no error as
this is purely theoretical and the user will be informed. Resolving that
manually should be possible by waiting for the other operation to finish
or cancel the paused state.

 So if there is a paused balance and replace is triggered, a write
 remount will reverse the process? that is balance will start and
 replace will hit EXCL_OP and thus canceled? How does it work in
 this case?

Thanks, Anand
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