Here's a collection of various cleanups I've done while working on other 
All of these should be pretty low-risk, have soaked for a while on my test 
branch and survived multiple xfstest runs. 

They strive to mostly untangle the code and make it more readable. 

Nikolay Borisov (4):
  btrfs: Use while loop instead of labels in __endio_write_update_ordered
  btrfs: Fix lock release order
  btrfs: Consolidate error checking for btrfs_alloc_chunk
  btrfs: Rewrite retry logic in do_chunk_alloc

 fs/btrfs/extent-tree.c | 79 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------
 fs/btrfs/inode.c       | 52 ++++++++++++++++-----------------
 2 files changed, 61 insertions(+), 70 deletions(-)


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