On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 01:22:23PM +0300, Ilan Schwarts wrote:
> Hi
> While trying to compile my kernel module on suse 12.2 kernel
> 4.4.103-92.53-default
> I recieve the following warning: error: redefinition of 'struct
> btrfs_ioctl_defrag_range_args
> I see that struct is defined in 2 places:
> /lib/modules/4.4.103-92.53-default/source/fs/btrfs/ctree.h:1985:8
> /usr/src/linux-4.4.103-92.53/include/uapi/linux/btrfs.h:497:8

Some of the defintions were moved from fs/btrfs/ to uapi, so the sources
seem to be in a half-state where it exists in both places.

> Why is it defined in 2 places ?
> No one else is getting that warning (which treated as error for me) ?

I've never seen the warning, but I don't compile the 4.4 distro kernel.
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