@@ -4569,8 +4560,10 @@ static long btrfs_ioctl_balance(struct file *file, void 
__user *arg)
                /* this is either (2) or (3) */
                if (!atomic_read(&fs_info->balance_running)) {
-                       if (!mutex_trylock(&fs_info->volume_mutex))
-                               goto again;

+                       /*
+                        * Lock released to allow other waiters to continue,
+                        * we'll reexamine the status again.
+                        */

 I wonder if there was any case where performing the unlock and lock
 sequence on the balance_mutex has helped?
 Otherwise IMO we can clean this up as well. It looks like this sequence
 was needed only to acquire the volume_mutex.

Thanks, Anand

if (fs_info->balance_ctl &&

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