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>> So - the limit set on any user
> Does btrfs support per-user quota at all? I am aware only of per-subvolume 
> quotas.

Well, this is a kind of deceptive word usage in "post-truth" times.

In this case both "user" and "quota" are not valid...
- by "user" I ment general word, not unix-user account; such user might
  possess some container running full-blown guest OS,
- by "quota" btrfs means - I guess, dataset-quotas?

In fact: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Quota_support
"Quota support in BTRFS is implemented at a subvolume level by the use of quota 
groups or qgroup"

- what the hell is "quota group" and how it differs from qgroup? According to 

"The quota groups (qgroups) are managed by the subcommand btrfs qgroup(8)"

- they are the same... just completely different from traditional "quotas".

My suggestion would be to completely remove the standalone "quota" word
from btrfs documentation - there is no "quota", just "subvolume quota"
or "qgroup" supported.

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