On 8/10/18 3:40 PM, Dan Merillat wrote:
> Kernel 4.17.9, 11tb BTRFS device (md-backed, not btrfs raid)
> I was testing something out and enabled quota groups and started getting
> 2-5 minute long pauses where a btrfs-transaction thread spun at 100%.

Looks pretty like a running balance and quota.

Would you please try with balance disabled (temporarily) with
skip_balance mount option to see if it works.

If it works, then either try resume balance, or just cancel the balance.

Nowadays balance is not needed routinely, especially when you still have
unallocated space and enabled quota.


> Post-reboot the mount process spinds at 100% CPU, occasinally yielding
> to a btrfs-transaction thread at 100% CPU.  The switchover is marked
> by a burst of disk activity in btrace.
> Btrace shows all disk activity is returning promptly - no hanging submits.
> Currently the mount is at 6+ hours.
> Suggestions on how to go about debugging this?

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