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> Although not sure about the details, but the fs looks pretty huge.
> Tons of subvolume and its free space cache inodes.

11TB, 3 or so subvolumes and two snapshots I think.  Not particularly
large for NAS.

> But only 3 tree reloc trees, unless you have tons of reflinked files
> (off-line deduped), it shouldn't cause a lot of problem.

There's going to be a ton of reflinked files.  Both cp --reflink and
via the wholefile dedup.

I freed up ~1/2 TB last month doing dedup.

> At least, we have some progress dropping tree reloc tree for subvolume 6482.

Is there a way to get an idea of how much work is left to be done on
the reloc tree?  Can I walk it
with btrfs-inspect?

dump-tree -t TREE_RELOC is quite enormous (13+ million lines before I gave up)

> If you check the dump-tree output for the following data, the "drop key"
> should change during mount: (inspect dump-tree can be run mounted)
>         item 175 key (TREE_RELOC ROOT_ITEM 6482) itemoff 8271 itemsize 439
>                 <snip>
>                 drop key (2769795 EXTENT_DATA 12665933824) level 2
>                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> So for the worst case scenario, there is some way to determine whether
> it's processing.

I'll keep an eye on that.

> And according to the level (3), which is not small for each subvolume, I
> doubt that's the reason why it's so slow.
> BTW, for last skip_balance mount, is there any kernel message like
> "balance: resume skipped"?

No, the only reference to balance in kern.log is a hung
btrfs_cancel_balance from the first reboot.

> Have you tried mount the fs readonly with skip_balance? And then remount
> rw, still with skip_balance?

No, every operation takes a long time.  It's still running the btrfs
check, although I'm
going to cancel it and try mount -o ro,skip_balance before I go to
sleep and see where it is tomorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to help me with this.

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