I have an external usb HDD (WD my passport, just usb cable, no
external power) with a single ext4 partition occupying the whole disk
with 698 GiB capacity and 188 GiB empty space. The data on disk is not
very important.

I also have a laptop with Manjaro 64-bit XFCE, kernel 4.14.68,
btrfs-progs v4.17.1, all packages come with Manjaro.

I tried to convert my disk to btrfs with
sudo btrfs-convert /dev/sdb1
I have also tried -i, -n options, all failed with:

create btrfs filesystem:
    blocksize: 4096
    nodesize:  16384
    features:  extref, skinny-metadata (default)
creating ext2 image file
ERROR: failed to create ext2_saved/image: -1
WARNING: an error occurred during conversion, filesystem is partially
created but not finalized and not mountable

I could not find this error/warning combo on the net.
ext4 partition seems intact and working after these attempts.
How can I debug and complete this conversion?


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