On 2021/2/16 下午10:45, Filipe Manana wrote:
On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 10:00 PM Qu Wenruo <w...@suse.com> wrote:

The following script could lead to corrupted btrfs fs after

   fallocate -l 1G test.img
   mkfs.ext4 test.img
   mount test.img $mnt
   fallocate -l 200m $mnt/file1
   fallocate -l 200m $mnt/file2
   fallocate -l 200m $mnt/file3
   fallocate -l 200m $mnt/file4
   fallocate -l 205m $mnt/file1
   fallocate -l 205m $mnt/file2
   fallocate -l 205m $mnt/file3
   fallocate -l 205m $mnt/file4
   umount $mnt
   btrfs-convert test.img

The result btrfs will have a device extent beyond its boundary:
   pening filesystem to check...
   Checking filesystem on test.img
   UUID: bbcd7399-fd5b-41a7-81ae-d48bc6935e43
   [1/7] checking root items
   [2/7] checking extents
   ERROR: dev extent devid 1 physical offset 993198080 len 85786624 is beyond 
device boundary 1073741824
   ERROR: errors found in extent allocation tree or chunk allocation
   [3/7] checking free space cache
   [4/7] checking fs roots
   [5/7] checking only csums items (without verifying data)
   [6/7] checking root refs
   [7/7] checking quota groups skipped (not enabled on this FS)
   found 913960960 bytes used, error(s) found
   total csum bytes: 891500
   total tree bytes: 1064960
   total fs tree bytes: 49152
   total extent tree bytes: 16384
   btree space waste bytes: 144885
   file data blocks allocated: 2129063936
    referenced 1772728320

Btrfs-convert first collect all used blocks in the original fs, then
slightly enlarge the used blocks range as new btrfs data chunks.

However the enlarge part has a problem, that it doesn't take the device
boundary into consideration.

Thus it caused device extents and data chunks to go beyond device

Just to extra check before inserting data chunks into

Reported-by: Jiachen YANG <farsee...@gmail.com>
Signed-off-by: Qu Wenruo <w...@suse.com>

So, having upgraded a test box from btrfs-progs v5.6.1 to v5.10.1, I
now have btrfs/136 (fstests) failing:

$ ./check btrfs/136
FSTYP         -- btrfs
PLATFORM      -- Linux/x86_64 debian8 5.11.0-rc7-btrfs-next-81 #1 SMP
PREEMPT Tue Feb 16 12:29:07 WET 2021
MKFS_OPTIONS  -- /dev/sdc
MOUNT_OPTIONS -- /dev/sdc /home/fdmanana/btrfs-tests/scratch_1

btrfs/136 7s ... [failed, exit status 1]- output mismatch (see
     --- tests/btrfs/136.out 2020-06-10 19:29:03.818519162 +0100
     +++ /home/fdmanana/git/hub/xfstests/results//btrfs/136.out.bad
2021-02-16 14:31:30.669559188 +0000
     @@ -1,2 +1,3 @@
      QA output created by 136
     -Silence is golden
     +btrfs-convert failed
     +(see /home/fdmanana/git/hub/xfstests/results//btrfs/136.full for details)
     (Run 'diff -u /home/fdmanana/git/hub/xfstests/tests/btrfs/136.out
/home/fdmanana/git/hub/xfstests/results//btrfs/136.out.bad'  to see
the entire diff)
Ran: btrfs/136
Failures: btrfs/136
Failed 1 of 1 tests

A bisect pointed to this patch.
Did you get this failure on your test box as well?


Just tested with btrfs-progs v5.10.1, it passes:
 $ which btrfs
 $ btrfs --version
 btrfs-progs v5.10.1
 $ sudo ./check btrfs/136
 FSTYP         -- btrfs
 PLATFORM      -- Linux/x86_64 btrfs-desktop-vm 5.11.0-rc4-custom+ #4
SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 25 18:35:22 CST 2021
 MKFS_OPTIONS  -- /dev/mapper/test-scratch1
 MOUNT_OPTIONS -- /dev/mapper/test-scratch1 /mnt/scratch

 btrfs/136 6s ...  10s
 Ran: btrfs/136
 Passed all 1 tests

Would you mind to provide the 136.full to help debugging the failure?



  convert/main.c | 2 ++
  1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/convert/main.c b/convert/main.c
index c86ddd988c63..7709e9a6c085 100644
--- a/convert/main.c
+++ b/convert/main.c
@@ -669,6 +669,8 @@ static int calculate_available_space(struct 
btrfs_convert_context *cctx)
                         cur_off = cache->start;
                 cur_len = max(cache->start + cache->size - cur_off,
+               /* data chunks should never exceed device boundary */
+               cur_len = min(cctx->total_bytes - cur_off, cur_len);
                 ret = add_merge_cache_extent(data_chunks, cur_off, cur_len);
                 if (ret < 0)
                         goto out;

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