On Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 3:46 PM Omar Sandoval <osan...@osandov.com> wrote:
> Not much shorter, but it is easier to follow.

Yeah, that looks about right to me.

You should probably use kmap_local_page() rather than kmap_atomic()
these days, but other than that this looks fairly straightforward, and
I much prefer the model where we very much force that "must be the
first iovec entry".

As you say, maybe not shorter, but a lot more straightforward.

That said, looking through the patch series, I see at least one other
issue. Look at parisc:

    +#define O_ALLOW_ENCODED 100000000

yeah, that's completely wrong. I see how it happened, but that's _really_ wrong.

I would want others to take a look in case there's something else. I'm
not qualified to comment about (nor do I deeply care) about the btrfs
parts, but the generic interface parts should most definitely get more

By Al, if possible, but other fs people too..


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