On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 10:27:27AM +0100, pierre.labas...@neuf.fr wrote:
> Note that I doubt this check is needed in configure:
> HAVE_OWN_FIEMAP_EXTENT_DEFINE is used only once in cmds/filesystem-du.c
> in:
> == 1)
> but HAVE_OWN_FIEMAP_EXTENT_SHARED_DEFINE is set to 1 by configure only if
> FIEMAP_EXTENT_SHARED is not defined in the kernel headers.
> If you agree, I'll send a patch to completely remove this check.

The explanation why we want the configure-time check is in
ie. to support old distros. There's a runtime check for version in case
the fiemap flag is not supported in cmd_filesystem_du.

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