On 15/03/2021 06:55, Naohiro Aota wrote:
> This commit moves the location of superblock logging zones. The location of
> the logging zones are determined based on fixed block addresses instead of
> on fixed zone numbers.
> By locating the superblock zones using fixed addresses, we can scan a
> dumped file system image without the zone information. And, no drawbacks
> exist.
> We use the following three pairs of zones containing fixed offset
> locations, regardless of the device zone size.
>   - Primary superblock: zone starting at offset 0 and the following zone
>   - First copy: zone containing offset 64GB and the following zone
>   - Second copy: zone containing offset 256GB and the following zone
> If the location of the zones are outside of disk, we don't record the
> superblock copy.
> These addresses are arbitrary, but using addresses that are too large
> reduces superblock reliability for smaller devices, so we do not want to
> exceed 1T to cover all case nicely.
> Also, LBAs are generally distributed initially across one head (platter
> side) up to one or more zones, then go on the next head backward (the other
> side of the same platter), and on to the following head/platter. Thus using
> non sequential fixed addresses for superblock logging, such as 0/64G/256G,
> likely result in each superblock copy being on a different head/platter
> which improves chances of recovery in case of superblock read error.
> These zones are reserved for superblock logging and never used for data or
> metadata blocks. Zones containing the offsets used to store superblocks in
> a regular btrfs volume (no zoned case) are also reserved to avoid
> confusion.
> Note that we only reserve the 2 zones per primary/copy actually used for
> superblock logging. We don't reserve the ranges possibly containing
> superblock with the largest supported zone size (0-16GB, 64G-80GB,
> 256G-272GB).
> The first copy position is much larger than for a regular btrfs volume
> (64M).  This increase is to avoid overlapping with the log zones for the
> primary superblock. This higher location is arbitrary but allows supporting
> devices with very large zone size, up to 32GB. But we only allow zone sizes
> up to 8GB for now.
> Signed-off-by: Naohiro Aota <naohiro.a...@wdc.com>


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