On 14:47 Fri 26 Mar 2021, David Sterba wrote:
On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 06:29:32AM +0530, Bhaskar Chowdhury wrote:


So this is exactly what I don't want to see happen - one patch per typo.
I tried to explain it in the previous patch, please either fix all typos
under fs/btrfs or don't bother.

As I mentioned in my previous correspondence to , I have my way of doing thing
. The problem is , you are getting accustomed with some specific method and
you are thinking that is the "only way" of doing the "right thing" . Please ,
think others are also think in different way too.

The goal to make it looks good and productive...don't you think so???

..and I said I do bother ,it's just not about this specific segment but about
the whole kernel.

Or is it some sort of special flow brtfs subsystem are following , which I am
not aware off??

Please do let me.

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