An update... I encountered blinking LEDs while I was away from my
computer again.
I'm now pretty confident it wasn't an issue with btrfs balance, but
rather the sd-card not being seated well.

I just updated my old "F2FS Segmentation fault" post in linux-f2fs-devel.
In short, fsck for f2fs was failing, badblocks was coming up with only
errors, I cleaned the sd-card contacts, put it back in and badblocks
is running cleanly now.
It's just too late for me, and I have to rebuild that partition since,
for whatever reason, cryptsetup no longer recognizes the partition as
being LUKS even though badblocks was run non-destructive.

On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 11:51 AM Nathan Royce <> wrote:
> Oh man, I'm hoping things aren't starting to fall apart here.
> I was doing my normal routine (tv, browsing, ... (no filesystem
> manipulations)) and out of the blue "kodi" just crashes. It's actually
> not all that uncommon, and I fired up "iotop" to make sure "coredump"
> was happening, and it was.
> I then did something else in the terminal, maybe an "ls", and that came up 
> with:
> *****
> error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ ELF file
> version does not match current one
> *****

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