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> On Sat, 10 Apr 2021 13:38:57 +0000
> Paul Leiber <p...@onlineschubla.de> wrote:
> > d) Perhaps the complete BTRFS setup (Xen, VMs, pass through the partition, 
> > Samba share) is flawed?
> I kept reading and reading to find where you say you unmounted in on the host,
> and then... :)
> > e) Perhaps it is wrong to mount the BTRFS root first in the Dom0 and then 
> > accessing the subvolumes in the DomU?
> Absolutely O.o
> Subvolumes are very much like directories, not any kind of subpartitions.

Right. The block device (partition containing the Btrfs file system)
must be exclusively used by one kernel, host or guest. Dom0 or DomU.
Can't be both.

The only exception I'm aware of is virtiofs or virtio-9p, but I
haven't messed with that stuff yet.

Chris Murphy

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