Suppose some files or directories on a subvolume are set nodatacow.
And then one creates a snapshot of that subvolume.
And then does a send based on that snapshot.

What happens?  I've looked through the documentation and can not tell.
It doesn't sound
as if nodatacow is consistent with the whole snapshot mechanism, but I
don't see any
explicit statements that any of the above won't work.

For example, I could imagine any of
1. the snapshot or send command refuses to run.
2. the snapshot completely omits anything that is nodatacow.  That
would probably be tricky since the
   directory with datacow above the object that is not datacow would
need to be altered to
   omit the reference.
3. the snapshot does an explicit copy (i.e., duplicates all the bits)
of all things nodatacow.
4. the snapshot always shows the current (on the original subvolume)
version of the nodatacow files.
5. results are unpredictable and unreliable.
6. the snapshot removes the nodatacow attribute from everything on the
original subvolume.
7. everything works fine (this one requires lots of imagination).

I would appreciate cc's on the reply.

Ross Boylan

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