On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 02:05:26PM +0100, fdman...@kernel.org wrote:
> From: Filipe Manana <fdman...@suse.com>
> When doing a device replace on a zoned filesystem, if we find a block
> group with ->to_copy == 0, we jump to the label 'done', which will result
> in later calling btrfs_unfreeze_block_group(), even though at this point
> we never called btrfs_freeze_block_group().
> Since at this point we have neither turned the block group to RO mode nor
> made any progress, we don't need to jump to the label 'done'. So fix this
> by jumping instead to the label 'skip' and dropping our reference on the
> block group before the jump.
> Fixes: 78ce9fc269af6e ("btrfs: zoned: mark block groups to copy for 
> device-replace")
> Signed-off-by: Filipe Manana <fdman...@suse.com>

Thanks, added to misc-next. It's a regression fix for 5.12 but IMHO not
critical enough for a pull request. 5.12 is about to be released in a
week, with CC: stable the will be published soon after.

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