I am using following lines in /etc/fstab file to mount a samba shared
(CIFS) folder on boot:

// /home/edward/samba/raspberry cifs 
 0 0

Note, I am using noauto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device
-timeout=10s without which mounting does not happen during boot.

Sometimes the computer that shares folder is turned off. When that 
computer is turned on later, I mount the folder manually by clicking
the folder icon in nautilus. With above lines in /etc/fstab file, on
manual mounting I get this error: screenshot on imgur(
http://i.imgur.com/HVranvJ.png) which is mount error(22): Invalid

from journalctl:

Nov 14 00:33:30 flippingbits systemd[1]: home-edward-samba
-raspberry.mount: Unit entered failed state.

Nov 14 00:33:33 flippingbits kernel: CIFS: Unknown mount option "x

"I mean the same option that helps mounting on boot gives error while
mouting after boot"

The manual mounting happens by non-root user if I remove systemd
specific options: noauto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device
-timeout=10s or by removing user option which prevents me from mounting
saying that only root users can mount.

System details:

1. systemd 225

2. Ubuntu 15.10

3. samba --version 4.1.17-Ubuntu

4. Output(http://sprunge.us/LXHQ) of systemd-analyze blame on my

5. Output(http://sprunge.us/EOLZ) of systemctl status smbd.service

6. Output(http://sprunge.us/PYaK) of systemctl status nmbd.service

7. mount.cifs version: 6.4

(please tell me if you need more information on this)
edward torvalds <ltorvalds...@gmail.com>
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