Jeff Macfarland wrote:
Nice overview. Wish I had this a few weeks ago :-)

I am curious as to why LVM2 is required?

The reason for the cluster LVM2 requirement is for device discovery. The scripts use LVM commands to find cluster volumes and then gets a list of devices that make up those volumes. Consider the alternative -- users would have to manually define a list of devices that need registrations/reservations. This would have to be defined on each node. What make this even more problematic is that each node may have different device names for shared storage devices (ie. what may be /deb/sdb on one node may be /deb/sdc on another). Furthermore, those device names could change between reboots. The general solution is to query clvmd for a list of cluster volumes and get a list of devices for those volumes.

With simple modification of the
scsi_reserve (and maybe fence_scsi), using an msdos partitioned disk
seems to work fine.

This is only in testing but I haven't seen any issues as of yet.

Ryan O'Hara wrote:
Attached is the latest version of the "Using SCSI Persistent
Reservations with Red Hat Cluster Suite" document for review.

Feel free to send questions and comments.


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