On Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 04:57:06PM +0300, Horia Geantă wrote:
> Driver does not properly handle the case when signals interrupt
> wait_for_completion_interruptible():
> -it does not check for return value
> -completion structure is allocated on stack; in case a signal interrupts
> the sleep, it will go out of scope, causing the worker thread
> (caam_jr_dequeue) to fail when it accesses it
> wait_for_completion_interruptible() is replaced with uninterruptable
> wait_for_completion().
> We choose to block all signals while waiting for I/O (device executing
> the split key generation job descriptor) since the alternative - in
> order to have a deterministic device state - would be to flush the job
> ring (aborting *all* in-progress jobs).
> Cc: <sta...@vger.kernel.org>
> Fixes: 045e36780f115 ("crypto: caam - ahash hmac support")
> Fixes: 4c1ec1f930154 ("crypto: caam - refactor key_gen, sg")
> Signed-off-by: Horia Geantă <horia.gea...@nxp.com>

Patch applied.  Thanks.
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