On Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 10:07:54AM +0200, Gilad Ben-Yossef wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have ran into something I am unsure about regarding the ccree driver
> implementation and would love to get some guidance:
> I have assumed, based on previous list correspondence, that both of
> the following sequences are legal:
> Scenario A
> 1. ahash_request_alloc
> 2. ahash_import
> Scenario B
> 1. ahash_request_alloc
> 2. crypto_ahash_init
> 3. ahash_import
> However, I've run into the problem that since ahash_request_alloc does
> not zero the allocated request memory
> and specifically does not zero the tfm specific context part of it, I
> have no way to distinguish  between A and B and therefore
> if I have any initialization sequence that needs to happen once per
> request (DMA buffer allocation and mapping in my
> case), I cannot tell if I need to do them in ahash_import callback or not.

crypto_ahash_init is not necessary prior to an ahash_import.  If
crypto_ahash_init does any hardware initialisations, then the same
would be needed in ahash_import and crypto_ahash_digest.

> So, am I'm missing something here or is the B scenario simply not legal?

B is completely legal, just as it would be legal to do this:

1. ahash_request_alloc
2. crypto_ahash_init
3. crypto_ahash_update
4. crypto_ahash_init            // discard previous hash state

Basically you must not hold onto any permanent state at the end
of a hash operation such as init.  IOW you cannot expect a hash
state to be finalised.

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