This patch set refactors the x86 aes/gcm SSE crypto routines to
support true scatter/gather by adding gcm_enc/dec_update methods.

The layout is:

* First 5 patches refactor the code to use macros, so changes only
  need to be applied once for encode and decode.  There should be no
  functional changes.

* The next 6 patches introduce a gcm_context structure to be passed
  between scatter/gather calls to maintain state.  The struct is also
  used as scratch space for the existing enc/dec routines.

* The last 2 set up the asm function entry points for scatter gather
  support, and then call the new routines per buffer in the passed in
  sglist in aesni-intel_glue.

asm itself fuzz tested vs. existing code and isa-l asm.
Ran libkcapi test suite, passes.

perf of a large (16k messages) TLS sends sg vs. no sg:


33287255597      cycles  
53702871176      instructions

43.47%   _crypt_by_4
17.83%   memcpy
16.36%   aes_loop_par_enc_done


27568944591      cycles 
54580446678      instructions

49.87%   _crypt_by_4
17.40%   aes_loop_par_enc_done
1.79%    aes_loop_initial_5416
1.52%    aes_loop_initial_4974
1.27%    gcmaes_encrypt_sg.constprop.15

V1 -> V2:

patch 14: merge enc/dec
          also use new routine if cryptlen < AVX_GEN2_OPTSIZE
          optimize case if assoc is already linear

Dave Watson (14):
  x86/crypto: aesni: Merge INITIAL_BLOCKS_ENC/DEC
  x86/crypto: aesni: Macro-ify func save/restore
  x86/crypto: aesni: Add GCM_INIT macro
  x86/crypto: aesni: Add GCM_COMPLETE macro
  x86/crypto: aesni: Merge encode and decode to GCM_ENC_DEC macro
  x86/crypto: aesni: Introduce gcm_context_data
  x86/crypto: aesni: Split AAD hash calculation to separate macro
  x86/crypto: aesni: Fill in new context data structures
  x86/crypto: aesni: Move ghash_mul to GCM_COMPLETE
  x86/crypto: aesni: Move HashKey computation from stack to gcm_context
  x86/crypto: aesni: Introduce partial block macro
  x86/crypto: aesni: Add fast path for > 16 byte update
  x86/crypto: aesni: Introduce scatter/gather asm function stubs
  x86/crypto: aesni: Update aesni-intel_glue to use scatter/gather

 arch/x86/crypto/aesni-intel_asm.S  | 1414 ++++++++++++++++++------------------
 arch/x86/crypto/aesni-intel_glue.c |  230 +++++-
 2 files changed, 899 insertions(+), 745 deletions(-)


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