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Vladimir Zapolskiy <v...@mleia.com> wrote:

> The driver works well on i.MX31 powered boards with device description
> taken from board device tree, the only change to add to the driver is
> the missing OF device id, the affected list of included headers and
> indentation in platform driver struct are beautified a little.
> Signed-off-by: Vladimir Zapolskiy <v...@mleia.com>
> ---
> Changes from v1 to v2:
> * a kernel for iMX boards is always built with multiplatform support,
>   thus CONFIG_OF guards were removed, thanks to Kim Phillips for review,

That's not necessarily the reason, e.g., of_match_table is available to
be assigned even if CONFIG_OF is not set.  Recall, I tested building
without CONFIG_OF by removing the SOC_IMX31 dependency in Kconfig, and
building with netwinder_defconfig as a base.

Nevertheless, this v2 is much easier to review without the ifdef

Reviewed-by: Kim Phillips <kim.phill...@arm.com>



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