I'm posting this patch series as RFC since there are a few open points on
which I'd like to have the opinion of the crypto maintainers and the rest of
kernel community.

The patch series adds the Intel Keem Bay OCS ECC crypto driver, which
enables hardware-accelerated ECDH on the Intel Keem Bay SoC.

The open points are the followings:

1. The OCS ECC HW supports the NIST P-384 curve, which, however, is not
   supported by Linux ECDH software implementation ('crypto/ecdh.c').
   Support for P-384 is added to the driver anyway by reserving a curve id
   for P-384 in 'include/crypto/ecdh.h' and defining the cure parameters in
   'drivers/crypto/keembay/ocs-ecc-curve-defs.h'. Is this reasonable?

2. The OCS ECC HW does not support the NIST P-192 curve. We were planning to
   add SW fallback for P-192 in the driver, but the Intel Crypto team
   (which, internally, has to approve any code involving cryptography)
   advised against it, because they consider P-192 weak. As a result, the
   driver is not passing crypto self-tests. Is there any possible solution
   to this? Is it reasonable to change the self-tests to only test the
   curves actually supported by the tested driver? (not fully sure how to do

3. Another request from our crypto team was to make private key generation
   optional in the driver, since they advice against automatic key
   generation. As a result, the driver passes the P-256 self test only when

Daniele Alessandrelli (2):
  crypto: ecc - Move ecc.h to include/crypto/internal
  crypto: ecc - Export additional helper functions

Prabhjot Khurana (4):
  crypto: engine - Add KPP Support to Crypto Engine
  crypto: ecdh - Add Curve ID for NIST P-384
  dt-bindings: crypto: Add Keem Bay ECC bindings
  crypto: keembay-ocs-ecc - Add Keem Bay OCS ECC Driver

 Documentation/crypto/crypto_engine.rst        |    4 +
 .../crypto/intel,keembay-ocs-ecc.yaml         |   47 +
 MAINTAINERS                                   |   11 +
 crypto/crypto_engine.c                        |   27 +
 crypto/ecc.c                                  |   18 +-
 crypto/ecdh.c                                 |    2 +-
 crypto/ecrdsa.c                               |    2 +-
 crypto/ecrdsa_defs.h                          |    2 +-
 drivers/crypto/keembay/Kconfig                |   31 +
 drivers/crypto/keembay/Makefile               |    2 +
 drivers/crypto/keembay/keembay-ocs-ecc.c      | 1003 +++++++++++++++++
 drivers/crypto/keembay/ocs-ecc-curve-defs.h   |   68 ++
 include/crypto/ecdh.h                         |    1 +
 include/crypto/engine.h                       |    5 +
 {crypto => include/crypto/internal}/ecc.h     |   44 +
 15 files changed, 1257 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 drivers/crypto/keembay/keembay-ocs-ecc.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/crypto/keembay/ocs-ecc-curve-defs.h
 rename {crypto => include/crypto/internal}/ecc.h (87%)

base-commit: 90cc8cf2d1ab87d708ebc311ac104ccbbefad9fc

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