On 12/28/20 9:22 AM, John Allen wrote:
On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 07:42:52AM +0000, Domen Stangar wrote:
I would like to report issue with ccp-crypto.
When I issue modprobe command, it would not continue, without SIGINT signal
If module is compiled in kernel, boot doesn't finish.
Looks like problem is that ecb(aes) selftest do not finish ?

Hi Domen,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I'll look into this as soon as
possible. Once I can track down some hardware, I'll reproduce and debug.

Domen, do you have the debugfs support enabled? Could you supply the output from /sys/kernel/debug/ccp/ccp-X/info (where X is replaced with each of the present ccp ordinal values)?



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