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new way.

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     apply it to the different development branches of the kernel.
 The kernel also has a large number of documents that can be
-automatically generated from the source code itself.  This includes a
+automatically generated from the source code itself or from
+ReStructuredText markups (ReST), like this one. This includes a
 full description of the in-kernel API, and rules on how to handle
-locking properly.  The documents will be created in the
-Documentation/DocBook/ directory and can be generated as PDF,
-Postscript, HTML, and man pages by running:
+locking properly.
+All such documents can be generated as PDF or HTML by running:
        make pdfdocs
-       make psdocs
        make htmldocs
-       make mandocs
 respectively from the main kernel source directory.
+The documents that uses ReST markup will be generated at Documentation/output.
+They can also be generated on LaTeX and ePub formats with:
+       make latexdocs
+       make epubdocs
+Currently, there are some documents written on DocBook that are in
+the process of conversion to ReST. Such documents will be created in the
+Documentation/DocBook/ directory and can be generated also as
+Postscript or man pages by running:
+       make psdocs
+       make mandocs
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