Em Tue, 20 Sep 2016 02:40:21 +0200
Richard Sailer <rich...@weltraumpflege.org> escreveu:

> I think kernel-docs.rst should be kept. (Or at least another/updated
> file fullfilling this purpose should exist) Therefore I put 
> some effort into updating it.
> This patch relies on Mauros: 
>    [Patch v2 ...] Create a book for Kernel development
> Summary
> -------
> This patch: 
>  * Removes all the dead links according to Jon and Mauro in 
>    https://lkml.kernel.org/r/20160916182849.2a7101ea () vento ! lan
>  * Removes some very old articles covering linux 2.0 or 2.2 
>    (I could have been cleaning up much more aggressive, but 
>     I wanted to be carefull for the first patch. I can send a 
>     further patch deleting several more IMHO outdated entries 
>     if this is appreciated/wanted.)
>  * Adds 4 recent books/articles, which are helpfull IMHO
>  * Fixes some minor layouting and indentation issues

Thanks for the patch!

Some suggestions for future work:

1) It could be useful to also take a look on the docs pointed 
as "The latest version of this document":

(I would actually remove it - or keep the above URL as a reference
at the end - as clearly the Kernel version diverged from the one
on that site)

2) It would also make sense to order the entries by publication
date, placing the newer ones before the old ones.

3) I would add some newer books too. The advantage of a book is that
the main development topics are all listed altogether. I have those 
books on my bookshelf, and found them useful to me by the time I
bought them (several years ago):


They're now a bit old, but still newer than the ones listed on
kernel-docs.rst (except or the Robert Love's book's reference,
with was updated to point to the newest version).

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