This patch series update the kernel-docs.txt file, removing broken links, adding
newer ones and ordering documents in published date.

IMHO, after this patch series, kernel-docs.txt will be in a better shape and
could be useful to help new Kernel developers by providing them some extra

I'm adding the Richard's patch series here, I rebased them to be applied
before the renaming patch.

PS.: This series should be applied after:
        [PATCH v4 00/29] Create a book for Kernel development

(and before patch 29/29), because it depends on this patch:

The entire series of patches can be found at:

And the generated documents at:


Mauro Carvalho Chehab (10):
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: convert it to ReST markup
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: some improvements on the ReST output
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: adjust LDD references
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: sort books per publication date
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: add two published books
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: remove more legacy references
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: move in-kernel docs
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: get rid of broken docs
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Add dates for online docs
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: reorder based on timestamp

Richard Sailer (4):
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Remove offline or outdated entries
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Improve layouting of book list
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Add 4 paper/book references
  Documentation/kernel-docs.txt: Consistent indenting: 4 spaces

 Documentation/kernel-docs.txt | 1375 +++++++++++++++++++----------------------
 1 file changed, 647 insertions(+), 728 deletions(-)


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