I was looking at Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt and figured that
has got to be constantly stale and incomplete. It's really data that
should be autogenerated. I don't think it should just be converted to
Sphinx as-is.

* Module parameters. It should be required to use MODULE_PARM_DESC() for
  all module parameters. How to warn about missing documentation? For
  documentation generation, we could parse the MODULE_PARM_DESC() stuff
  from source (*yuck*) or build allmodconfig and run modinfo -p on all
  the modules and parse the results (*ugh*). For complete documentation,
  either approach will be way too slow to do on the fly in the normal
  Sphinx build, and we'd have to generate and commit the changes
  anyway. Any better ideas?

* __setup(). We could identify __setup() similar to EXPORT_SYMBOL(), and
  require the referenced setup function has a kernel-doc, and use that
  for the documentation.

* core_param(). Would be nice to have a way to document these in-source
  too, but OTOH there aren't too many of these.

Would be interesting to hear what others think.


Jani Nikula, Intel Open Source Technology Center
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