On Mon,  7 Aug 2017 00:28:29 +0800
Jian-Hong Pan <starni...@g.ncu.edu.tw> wrote:

> The function declaration in the lastest include/net/mac802154.h has been
> changed since v3.19.
> ieee802154_alloc_device => ieee802154_alloc_hw
> ieee802154_free_device => ieee802154_free_hw
> ieee802154_register_device => ieee802154_register_hw
> ieee802154_unregister_device => ieee802154_unregister_hw
> However, the description in the Device drivers API section of
> Documentation/networking/ieee802154.txt is still in the state of
> v3.18.63.

Applied to the docs tree with Stefan's ack, thanks.

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