On Thu,  8 Feb 2018 06:45:07 -0800
Matthew Wilcox <wi...@infradead.org> wrote:

> Jon asked me to redo the Context: patch on top of his current docs tree.
> Unfortunately, I was on a plane at the time, so I started fixing some
> other small things, and before I knew it, I'd completely restructured
> the entire doc-guide/kernel-doc.rst file.
> Feel free to not take it all, particularly the last 'Style Guide' patch.

OK, this all makes sense.  Mostly.  Here's my quibbles.
> Matthew Wilcox (6):
>   Add documentation for Context section
>   Minor fixes to kernel-doc.rst
>   Add scripts/split-man.pl

I think this makes sense to do, but I really would like to see an intro
comment on the split-man.pl script itself.  Somebody wandering through
the scripts directory should be able to look at the top of the file and
know what the script does without having to reverse-engineer delightful
stuff like:

>     if (/^\.TH \"[^\"]*\" 9 \"([^\"]*)\"/) {

>   Fix whitespace in example
>   Restructure kernel-doc.rst
>   Add a Style Guide section

This last one worries me a bit because we're starting to impinge a bit on
the coding style document.  If we're going to give guidance on things
like parameter names, I think that coding-style.rst is the right place
for it.

I'll go ahead and apply the first five.  I'll try to get around to
putting a comment on scripts/split-man.pl, but I sure wouldn't mind if
somebody beat me to it...


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