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> On Wed 2019-08-14 21:17:41, Lendacky, Thomas wrote:
>> From: Tom Lendacky <thomas.lenda...@amd.com>
>> There have been reports of RDRAND issues after resuming from suspend on
>> some AMD family 15h and family 16h systems. This issue stems from BIOS
>> not performing the proper steps during resume to ensure RDRAND continues
>> to function properly.
> Burn it with fire!
> I mean... people were afraid RDRAND would be backdoored, and you now
> confirm ... it indeed _is_ backdoored? /., here's news for you!
> So what is the impact? Does it give random-looking but predictable
> numbers after resume? Does it give all zeros? Something else?

See this article:


>> +    rdrand_force    [X86]
>> +                    On certain AMD processors, the advertisement of the
>> +                    RDRAND instruction has been disabled by the kernel
>> +                    because of buggy BIOS support, specifically around the
>> +                    suspend/resume path. This option allows for overriding
>> +                    that decision if it is known that the BIOS support for
>> +                    RDRAND is not buggy on the system.
> But this is not how we normally deal with buggy BIOSes. We don't want
> user to have to decide this...
> Should we introduce black-list or white-list of BIOS versions?
> Hmm. Actually.
> You are the CPU vendor. Surely you can tell us how to init RDRAND in
> kernel if BIOS failed to do that... can you?
>                                                                       Pavel

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