On 9/12/2023 3:24 PM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
On 12/09/2023 11:26, Mukesh Ojha wrote:

+               return -EINVAL;
+       }
+       mutex_init(&md->md_lock);
+       ret = qcom_apss_md_table_init(md, 
+       if (ret) {
+               dev_err(md->dev, "apss minidump initialization failed: %d\n", 
+               return ret;
+       }
+       /* First entry would be ELF header */
+       ret = qcom_md_add_elfheader(md);
+       if (ret) {
+               dev_err(md->dev, "Failed to add elf header: %d\n", ret);
+               memset(md->apss_data->md_ss_toc, 0, sizeof(struct 

Why do you need it?

Earlier, i got comment about clearing the SS TOC(subsystem table of
content) which is shared with other SS and it will have stale values.

OK, but then the entire code is poorly readable. First, any cleanup of
qcom_apss_md_table_init() should be named similarly, e.g.
qcom_apss_md_table_clean() or qcom_apss_md_table_exit() or whatever
seems feasible.

ACK on this.

Second, shouldn't writing to shared memory be the last step? Step which
cannot fail and there is no cleanup afterwards (like
platform_set_drvdata)? I don't enjoy looking at this interface...

It can be done, if i shift adding elf header as first thing to first
caller of qcom_minidump_region_register() but then i would have to remove qcom_ramoops_minidump() from this probe in 11/17 patch.


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