On 08/01/2024 14:48, Vincent Guittot wrote:
> Aggregate the different pressures applied on the capacity of CPUs and
> create a new function that returns the actual capacity of the CPU:
>   get_actual_cpu_capacity()

   function name                scaling

(1) arch_scale_cpu_capacity() - uarch

(2) get_actual_cpu_capacity() - hw + cpufreq/thermal of (1)

(3) capacity_of()             - rt (rt/dl/irq) of (2) (used by fair)

Although (1) - (3) are very close to each other from the functional
standpoint, their names are not very coherent.

I assume this makes it hard to understand all of this when reading the
code w/o knowing these patches before.

Why is (2) tagged with 'actual'?

This is especially visible in feec() where local variable cpu_cap
relates to (3) whereas cpu_actual_cap related to (2).


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