On Wed 14-02-24 09:00:30, Greg KH wrote:
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> +As part of the normal stable release process, kernel changes that are
> +potentially security issues are identified by the developers responsible
> +for CVE number assignments and have CVE numbers automatically assigned
> +to them.  These assignments are published on the linux-cve-announce
> +mailing list as announcements on a frequent basis.
> +
> +Note, due to the layer at which the Linux kernel is in a system, almost
> +any bug might be exploitable to compromise the security of the kernel,
> +but the possibility of exploitation is often not evident when the bug is
> +fixed.  Because of this, the CVE assignment team is overly cautious and
> +assign CVE numbers to any bugfix that they identify.  This
> +explains the seemingly large number of CVEs that are issued by the Linux
> +kernel team.

Does the process focus only on assigning CVE numbers to a given upstream
commit(s) withou any specifics of the actual security threat covered by
the said CVE?
Michal Hocko

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