Matt Mackall wrote:
On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 15:48 -0700, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
Tim Bird wrote:
One difficulty is that the other arches' command lines
are not currently "broken", so there's no real incentive
to change them.

The only thing novel thing I'm adding here is the addition of
the leading '!' to allow for an override.  This is needed
in some x86 cases I'm familiar with, but I've haven't seen
any cases where it would be useful for other arches.
(not to say they don't exist - I just haven't seen them.)

Note that it could just as easily be done with a CONFIG_CMDLINE_OVERRIDE option, since the initial reason for a magic character was to be able to provide both prefix and suffix splicing.

You're right, I had forgotten about the suffix splicing and my brain is
a bit foggy on what motivated it.

Well, prefix = bootloader overrides; suffix = builtin overrides.

CONFIG_CMDLINE_OVERRIDE is probably more palatable to other architectures.

Yes, though I doubt we're in danger of introducing any real backwards
compatibility issues with the magic '!' at the beginning.

Well, it does if we want to make this a generic feature, which I believe we should.


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