* Thomas Petazzoni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> This patch adds some configuration options that allow to compile out 
> CPU vendor-specific code in x86 kernels (in arch/x86/kernel/cpu). The 
> new configuration options are only visible when CONFIG_EMBEDDED is 
> selected, as they are mostly interesting for space savings reasons.
> An example of size saving, on x86 with only Intel CPU support:
>    text          data     bss     dec     hex filename
> 1125479        118760  212992 1457231  163c4f vmlinux.old
> 1121355        116536  212992 1450883  162383 vmlinux
>   -4124   -2224       0   -6348   -18CC +/-
> However, I'm not exactly sure that the Kconfig wording is correct with 
> regard to !64BIT / 64BIT.

applied to tip/x86/cpu, thanks Thomas. (I've done a trivial cleanup: 
converted the macro to an inline.)

Peter, do you like this version of the patch or would you like further 

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