I am searching graphics libraries that enables animated graphics on
embedded linux systems. Here are the requirements for the graphics

* Should work or able to work with DirectFB
* Lightweight
* Doesn't consume memory and cpu power much

So it can be thought that the library will be used for a media center
type application. At that application i want to be able to write some
animation effects for ex for the window part that shows video covers
and passing from one to another will be with some animation or
pressing a close button will be with some animation or will cause the
current window closed with some animation...

I Googled a little but i want to hear some experiences also, if any.
There are some graphics libraries suggested for embedded environments
like Qt Embedded or SDL. I am not sure whether they are suitable dor
such applications or whether they are memory efficient.

I would like to hear some suggestions


Oğuz Yarımtepe

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