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> To: Wojciech Koszek; linux-embedded@vger.kernel.org
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> Subject: RE: [OT, JOB] Xilinx, San Jose: 2 full-time openings for
> embedded systems/embedded software group
> On Wednesday, June 18, 2014 5:33 PM, Wojciech Koszek wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > [This isn't strictly Linux-related, I know, I know. But I assumed
> some of you may like embedded systems. We're the same group as guys who
> did Linux for Xilinx FPGA SoC (Zynq). We also use a lot of Open-Source
> stuff and look for people with open-source code reading/writing skills]
> >
> > Xilinx (San Jose, California) has 2 full-time openings for people
> interested in software development, embedded systems, SoC chips, ARM
> architecture and FPGAs. Ideal candidate would love seeing hardware and
> software cooperate. As a member of our team you'll spend most of your
> time with Vim/Emacs, designing, writing, testing and breaking our
> proprietary OS. It's written in BSD-style ANSI C and assembler, has
> 101k lines of code and is used across the company in all sorts of
> unusual ways.
> >
> > If that sounds interesting to you, here are the links:
> >
> > IRC104504: http://tinyurl.com/XILINX-IRC104504
> > IRC104645: http://tinyurl.com/XILINX-IRC104645
> >
> > If you think you qualify, send an e-mail with attached resume in the
> PDF file to:
> >
> > pssa_hiring (at) xilinx.com
> >
> > E-mail should have a format:
> >
> > To: pssa_hiring (at) xilinx.com
> > From: you@mail.domain
> > Subject: IRC104504 or IRC104645
> >
> > Otherwise it'll go to spam.
> It is NOT appropriate to use a kernel community mailing list for job
> solicitations.  Especially for
> non-Linux jobs.  There are numerous other mechanisms and settings for
> finding Linux and
> embedded engineers.  Please use those in the future, and avoid using
> this mailing list.
>  -- Tim


I read and understood your message (background: I opened mail-archive.com's 
listing, saw OSJ'c '[JOB]' tag and decided to follow). It won't happen anymore.

Along with this e-mail, I've just sent a separate e-mail to postmaster@ (you're 
CCed) with the proposal of linux-jobs@ mailing list creation.

We have it on lists.freebsd.org (freebsd-jobs@) and people find it helpful

Wojciech A. Koszek
Sr Systems Design Engineer
wojciech.koszek (at) xilinx.com

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