On Feb 14, 2008  17:35 +0100, Valerie Clement wrote:
> From: Valerie Clement <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> With the flex_bg feature enabled, a large file creation oopses the
> kernel.
> The BUG_ON is:
>       BUG_ON(len >= EXT4_BLOCKS_PER_GROUP(sb));
> As the allocation of the bitmaps and the inode table can be done
> outside the block group with flex_bg, this allows to allocate up to
> EXT4_BLOCKS_PER_GROUP blocks in a group.
> Depending on the group size and the block size, extents might be 
> larger than BLOCKS_PER_GROUP(); use EXT_INIT_MAX_LEN instead of 

In fact, my earlier review of this patch was incorrect, and Aneesh pointed
out the correct answer.  The ext4_mb_mark_free_simple() function is only
called from ext4_mb_generate_buddy() to generate the buddy bitmap from the
on-disk block bitmap, and in that case the @len parameter should always
be <= EXT4_BLOCKS_PER_GROUP().  I think the original patch was correct.

Sorry about the confusion.  I thought at first glance this was for
freeing the blocks from releasing an extent, but that is incorrect.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Sr. Staff Engineer, Lustre Group
Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc.

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